LONGPOP | Big Data and Non-structured data for longitudinal analysis.
Techniques of data cleaning & manipulation, machine learning, statistical modeling & data visualization for visual exploration & analytical indicators use
Horizon 2020, Longitudinal, Demography, Population, Statistics, Mathematics, GIS, Big Data, Analysis, Quantitative
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Vasileios Giagloglou – ESR8. Big Data and the use of Non-structured data for longitudinal analysis.


Telnet Redes Inteligentes S.L., Zaragoza, Spain


David de Torres Huerta dtorres@telnet-ri.es


The researcher will work in the study and implementation of techniques for data treatment and analysis. The focus of the job is to explore different techniques of data cleaning and manipulation, machine learning, statistical modeling and data visualization with the focus on the visual exploration of the data and the use of analytical indicators. Special attention will also be taken to semi-supervised learning algorithms, clustering, feature engineering and prediction techniques.


8.1. Implementation of an online platform to share documents and information of the project. User manual and access information for the platform to share documents and information relating to the project.
8.2. Catalogue with the final information to show in the application and the databases used to obtain information, the definition of the queries, the relationships between them, necessary intermediate and common data structures and data conversion algorithms needed to implement.
8.3. Report on the conversion techniques needed for each database used in the project.
8.4. Documentation on the textual and graphical reports defined in tasks.


Vasileios Giagloglou completed his first Bachelor degree as Electrical Engineer, at the Technological University of eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Greece in 2005 and practiced this profession at OTE group (now known as Cosmote). As he was always interested in computer science in general and information technology, he listed for a second Bachelor degree as an Information Technology Engineer with major Industrial Informatics, which was completed at 2012. In 2016 graduated his Master at Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia Greece with major “Computer Systems”. He also has a diploma of pedagogical competence obtained in 2016 from ASPAITE (School of Pedagogical and Technological Education in Greece).

Thanks to these diplomas he has 4 monographs in various subjects: “Modelling a synchronous electrical machine”, “Prediction and probability of bankruptcy of unstable businesses”, “Comparison of web analytics tools” and “Recognize and handle early, violence and bulling situations at a preliminary school”.

Before joining the LONGPOP project, Vasileios gained working experience at the private sector (Cosmote, Intracom Telecom, etc.) and at public institutions like his last work as an IT engineer at the school committees of municipality of Pilea-Hortiati.

Contact: vgiagloglou@telnet-ri.es

Link to his profile in ResearchGate here, and in Linkedin here.