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Webpage of the EU Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie MSCA-ITN Project LONGPOP (Methodologies and Data mining techniques for the analysis of Big Data based on Longitudinal Population and Epidemiological Registers)
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Baranyi, G., Sieber, S., Cullati, S., Pearce, J., Dibben, C., Courvoisier, D.S.,  (2019). The Longitudinal Association of Perceived Neighborhood Disorder and Lack of Social Cohesion With Depression Among Adults Aged 50 and Over: An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis From 16 High-Income CountriesAmerican Journal of Epidemiology, kwz209.

Baranyi, G., Sieber, S., Pearce, J., Cheval, B., Dibben, C., Kliegel, M., Cullati, S. (2019). A longitudinal study of neighbourhood conditions and depression in ageing European adults: Do the associations vary by exposure to childhood stressors? Preventive medicine, 105764.

Cheval, B., Rebar, A. L., Miller, M. W., Sieber, S., Orsholits, D., Baranyi, G., et. al. (2019). Cognitive resources moderate the adverse impact of poor perceived neighborhood conditions on self-reported physical activity of older adults. Preventive medicine, 126, 105741.

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