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Webpage of the EU Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie MSCA-ITN Project LONGPOP (Methodologies and Data mining techniques for the analysis of Big Data based on Longitudinal Population and Epidemiological Registers)
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01 Abr Time to read at home? Check out the last LONGPOP publications in demographics and health

When individual projects of our Early-Stage Researchers came to an end, all the seeds of their research had been already planted. Time passes and some of them grow as post-doc researchers, while other ultimate the preparation of their thesis defence. Moreover, some international peer-reviewed journals keep publishing the results of their work during LONGPOP. These recent publications reflect the exploitation of numerous longitudinal databases and registers for health, demographic or sociological analyses. If you haven’t had the chance to explore our publications’ section, here you have a summary of the last LONGPOP articles:



To write this paper, Gergö Baranyi linked the Scottish Longitudinal Study with police-recorded crime in 2011 for residential locality and with psychotropic medications from 2009 to 2014, extracted from the prescription data set of National Health Service Scotland. This publication is in addition to others by the author about mental health and neighbourhood conditions:

Baranyi, G., Cherrie, M., Curtis, S., Dibben and C., Pearce, J. (2020). Neighborhood Crime and Psychotropic Medications: A Longitudinal Data Linkage Study of 130,000 Scottish Adults.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2020;000(000):1-10.



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Divorce has been the key topic explored by Sam Jenkinson during his time as LONGPOP Early-Stage Researcher. Recently, his studies using the cross sectional Divorce in Flanders Survey (2009) have appeared in the Divorce in Europe volume of the European Studies of Population, so contributing to the literature about the relationship between subjective wellbeing, divorce, gender and lone parenthood:

Jenkinson S., Matsuo H., Matthys K. (2020) Multi-dimensional Subjective Wellbeing and Lone Parenthood Following Divorce in Flanders (Northern Belgium). In: Mortelmans D. (eds) Divorce in Europe. European Studies of Population, vol 21. Springer, Cham.



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Dr Matthias Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge is one of the fellows who recently defended his thesis with great success. During his work in LONGPOP, Matthias used the Historical Sample of The Netherlands, a representative sample of about 85,500 people born in the Netherlands during 1812-1922, to retrieve information about the impact of parental death in the life-course of children. You can access online to his PhD thesis about this topic:

Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, M. (2020). Dealing with Demographic Stress in Childhood. Parental Death and the Transition to Adulthood in the Netherlands, 1850-1952. PhD Thesis.





Vanessa Santos undertook an analysis of the cancer mortality and deprivation related to the proximity to certain industrial areas of Andalusia, Spain. She exploited data from different sources such as the Andalusian Mortality Register, GIS of the Andalusian region (Geocoder Software) and a deprivation index at the census tract. In her individual project, she has mostly undertaken spatial and mortality analyses:

Santos Sánchez, Córdoba-Doña, J.A., García-Pérez, J., Escolar-Pujolar, A., Pozzi, L. and Ramis, R. (2020). Cancer Mortality and Deprivation in the Proximity of Polluting Industrial Facilities in an Industrial Region of SpainInt. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17(6), 1860.



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Dr Rose van der Linden is another LONGPOP researcher who has recently obtained her PhD. During her studies, she has explored life-course conditions and outcomes in old age using the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). The last of her publications as the main author was published at the end of 2019:

Van der Linden, B.W.A., Sieber, S., Cheval, B., Orsholits, D., …& Cullati, S. (2019). Life-course circumstances and frailty in old age within different European welfare regimes: a longitudinal study with SHARE. The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, , gbz140.




ImagenWant to know who else is already a doctor in LONGPOP? Click here and here to know how Dr Mathias Voigt and Dr Laura Cilek did in the defence of their doctoral thesis Health inequalities in Spain and Putting «Spain» back in Spanish Influenza (respectively).

Congratulations to all the LONGPOP former fellows!